About the Week

Each year, thousands of people and hundreds of organisations around the country come together for Australia’s annual celebration of families National Families Week (15-21 May).

National Families Week is a time to celebrate with your family, connect with your extended family and friends, and share in the enjoyment of family activities within the wider community.   No matter where you live – in our major cities or a remote community in the country – all Australians, including community organisations, schools, councils, companies and individuals are invited to participate in National Families Week each year.

The aim of National Families Week is to not only celebrate the vital role that families play in Australian society, but to also reflect on the critical role that families play in teaching, supporting and nurturing children as they grow.

National Families Week coincides with the United Nations International Day of Families on 15 May.  This day is observed by the United Nations to mark the importance that the international community places on families as the most fundamental units of society, as well as to show concern about their situation in many parts of the world.

Celebrating family diversity involves recognising and embracing the unique circumstances, backgrounds, and dynamics that make each family special. And finding opportunities to connect across differences including those in culture, language, gender, sexuality, ability, and age.

In National Families Week 2024 we encourage you to celebrate the diversity within your family. And, to celebrate the commonalities and differences between your family and other families. This year National Families Week was celebrated from 13 May to 19 May 2024.

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National Families Week is supported by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.