Notes for classroom teachers

How to incorporate National Families Week into the classroom:

  • Itemise National Families Week planning in staff meetings
  • Inform families in the lead up and offer engagement including directing families to this website –
  • Register your involvement and order free resources to distribute to families
  • Consider how lessons can incorporate the idea of family and community connection – access the project ideas, conversation starters and KLA activities designed for classroom use
  • Involve children in planning, creating, executing, reporting & presenting
  • Involve families in classroom activities or an end of week party – a great opportunity for multi-generational engagement
  • Students can create activities at school to take home for engagement with family
  • Invite a parent/carer with an infant or a family pet into class to talk about responsibilities and needs, comfort and love; or a community volunteer to talk about their work.
  • Use the KLA activities, and lesson plan template to create lessons around the National Framework Capabilities
  • Download templates for students to create a kindness plan, weekly meal plan, activity plan or weekly schedule.