Search by Capability: Ethical Understanding

Find in Week-long projects:

  • Create a kindness newsletter
  • Have fun with poetry – each day, explore a new style (including examples from different cultures)– find poems about family and then write your own
  • Pen pals between classrooms – could expand beyond National Families Week to write to elderly members of family & community
  • Plan a family day for the class or school
  • Research cultural differences between families
  • Learn more about the Elderly – lifespan timeline – major events – respect

Find in Conversation Starters:

  • What’s good about getting old? What’s not good? How can we address that and offer help to older members of family and community?
  • Forming good habits – what life skills can we share to show manners, respect, patience?
  • How can we practise sustainability around our home and community?
  • Why do families from different backgrounds hold different beliefs?
  • Sport: competition and participation – How do the reactions of spectators, your team and the opposing team affect you or your team mates?
  • Top Ten Tips Conversation starters