Search by Capability: Intercultural Understanding

Find in Week-long projects:

  • Create a kindness newsletter
  • Have fun with poetry – each day, explore a new style (including examples from different cultures) – find poems about family and then write your own
  • Pen pals between classrooms – could expand beyond National Families Week to write to elderly members of family & community
  • Plan a family day for the class or school
  • Research cultural differences between families
  • Learn more about the Elderly – lifespan timeline – major events – respect

Find in Conversation Starters:

  • What Indigenous history and culture can we explore in our local community?
  • Why do families from different backgrounds hold different beliefs?

Find in KLA based activities: English

  • Update the classroom library for the week to include books about family, roles in the community, other cultures

Find in KLA based activities: Humanities and Social Science

  • Learn an Acknowledgement of Country and use it during the week’s presentations. Look at its history of use and importance for showing respect to traditional owners.
  • Consider our community responsibilities as global citizens in looking after clean air and waterways and reducing waste. Could record interviews, plan a research project over the course of the week

Find in KLA based activities: Languages

  • Create a memory game with family photos/ family names (activities – mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt in language of choice).
  • Create a digital book (photo with labels / descriptions in language of choice)
  • Tell time in language of choice – could incorporate this throughout the day with real time reading or set aside as an activity
  • Create a game of Snap with family activities written on cards in language of choice (could have multiples of the word in the same language or could match English translation with words for older children)
  • Select library books for display during National Families Week on the topic of family or roles in the community (in the chosen language)