Week-long projects

Week long projects allow students time to consider a topic in depth and achieve a number of capabilities in the planning, executing and reporting of their project.

Suggestions for projects that can be completed over the course of the week can be found below. Each project identifies the General Capabilities that can be covered, allowing teachers to incorporate National Families Week into their curriculum planning.

Project Ideas: (download document for more details)

  • Create a kindness newsletter
  • Have fun with poetry – each day, explore a new style (including examples from different cultures)– find poems about family and then write your own
  • Pen pals between classrooms – could expand beyond National Families Week to write to elderly members of family & community
  • Plan a family day for the class or school
  • Research cultural differences between families
  • Research animal families – activities & responsibilities
  • Learn more about the Elderly – lifespan timeline – major events – respect

At the end of the week, students can perform, publish, report, record.

Students can use the Project Template to plan their chosen project.